Guitar Tab:Born To Run And Fail

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Born To Run And Fail
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2015
Tabbed By: sapphirebullets

E                                     A          B
In the past, I sweated out as VP and created an American boom
E                                              A               B
Seemed right to ride this wave of achievement, and so I shot for the moon
A              E/G#   
Got momentum and my pal, Joe
F#m                         E/G#                  E
My Internet invention and Medicare lockbox in tow
A                    E/G#  
Oh, Lieberman, this vote count gives us Florida back
F#m                            E/G#
It's a quick add. What the hell is a chad?
E                           C#m
Why won't they tell me that I've won?
A                      B                     E
'Cause champs like us, Joey, we were born to run

Sarah, please don't wait, please be my running mate, I'm going to take you to the masses
Distract the folks from their old-man jokes and make them see past your glasses
Only mavericks can arouse this base
You'll get to the top or maybe you'll never come back
Oh, does it seem like they don't think I'm strong?
'Cause, Kitty, I got to show them they're all wrong
I'm going to ride around in this tank
Going to wear a big helmet
I got my PR guys to thank

Beyond the parties and their tire tropes
I'll ride to the winning with ease
D                                      C
Communicate in folksy texts and, like, can I finish please?
Independent peers never had these ears
Oh, the billions I can spend to gain ground
D                                                            C
I want to chat with Larry King on his show tonight about the giant sucking sound, huh!

One, two, three, four

The highway's jammed with crappy cars that are unsafe at any speed
Well, everybody knows I'm their advocate, so why not let me lead?
Progressive Party's putting me in contention
I won't draw attention away from your pretty Al Gore
Oh, right now, folks, we must advance
We got to disregard race, with a reverend you won't know, and my felonious son
Well, if I can't win, baby, I'll just run again
Come on, junior, if I can't win, baby, I'll just run again