Guitar Tab:At The Agway

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At The Agway
By: [[''[[People Are Wrong!]]'' cast]]
Year: 2002
Tabbed By: AtionSong
A            D                   E
At the Agway we'll meet all your needs (At the Agway)
A               D 
Acorn squash to zinnia seeds
At the Agway
      F#m         D
We'll even find a man for you
   A                D           E
To make your garden dreams come true
       A           D E A
At the Agway Agway A - gway

What you need is someone who can dig your scene completely
Not another planless schmuck who's out to make bucks easily
And just because he owns a truck and trims your bushes neatly
He's not from Agway Agway Agway

And because you're from the big city we call you bright lighters
Just a little friendly jive
'Cause after all, our town survives
On your unceasing need to drive
Property values higher
Around the Agway Agway Agway