Guitar Tab:Aaa

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By: They Might Be Giants
Key: D Minor
Year: 2015

Dm                F
What's behind the door behind the
G       A
pile of furniture? 

Bb Dm E7 A
 Aaa!  Aaa!

Dm               F
Reach inside the wall and feel 
 G                      A
around, I think there's something there

Bb E7 A  Dm
 Aaa!  Aaa!

Dm                F
Who's that hiding underneath the
G                A
blanket? Pull it off and see

Bb Dm E7 A 
 Aaa!  Aaa! 

Dm                   F
Don't you think it's time that we
  G          A
remove these bandages? 

Bb E7 A  Dm
Aaa!  Aaa!

Gm                 Bb           C                  A/C#
What's this button do? I wonder what's inside this ticking
 Dm             F            G          A
package that's addressed to me? How are sausages
 Bb               C        A/C#        Dm          
made, and what am I made of? I'm gonna find out now

A  Dm A  Dm A  Dm            A        Dm
 Aaa!  Aaa!  Aaa!  I'm gonna find out now!

Bb(add2) Dm Bb(add2) A