Guitar Tab:2082

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By: They Might Be Giants
Key: C Major
Year: 2011
Draw the curtain, look, you're only sleeping
Or is this only what the other you is dreaming?
Either way
Hard to take

      F#dim                      Fm
Ashen features unmistakably your own
         C                           D7
Familiar posture, recast in skin and bone
       Dm7                Fm6       C
Person from today Here is you in 2082

Remove your helmet, first equalize the pressure
No, but first, take readings to be sure
The atmosphere is safe
Yes, it's safe

As the ancient one cranes his neck to look
You see his hand's been replaced with a hook
But it's clear you're very much alive
It's 2105
No, it's 2240
No, it's 3415
How can you still be living?
What does this mean?

You must honor and respect the older fellow
Even as you suffocate him with his pillow
Though you're strong 
He was wise

There is much you can learn from the sage
And though you'll leave and travel back to your own age
You will meet again, you two
In 2082

What was the look he gave intended to convey?
Was there something else he was trying to say?
It will all be revealed to you
In 2082