Guitar Chords

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This page shows you how to do guitar chords you may or may not know. These can be quite useful for using the Guitar Tabs.

The number on the left represents the lower pitched E string. There's a diagram below. The number represents what fret you should be on and an "x" represents a string you don't strum. A "0" represents an string played open (no fret).

Note: major chords are often notated as just the chord name. ex: A major will be called A. It is also possible it would be called AM (with a capital M).

A minor chord is denoted with a lowercase m, such as Am.


The A chords

A major - (x02220)

A minor - (x02210)

A7 - (x02020) or (x02223) or (x02023)

A6 - (x02222)

The B chords

B major - (x24442)

B minor - (x24432)

B7 - (x21202) or (x24242)

The C chords

C major - (032010)

C minor - (x35543)

C/G - (332010) or (x32013)

C7 - (032310)

The D chords

D major - (xx0232)

D minor - (xx0231)

D7 - (xx0212)

The E chords

E major - (022100)

E minor - (022000)

E7 - (020100) or (020130) or (022130)

The F chords

F major - (133211)

F minor - (133111)

F7 - (131211)

The G chords

G major - (320003) or (320033)

G minor - (355333)

G7 - (353433)

A much more complete list of guitar chords and fingering positions in standard tuning can be found on Wikibooks.