Disney's Return To Neverland

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Disney's Return To Neverland
Soundtrack by Various Artists
First released February 15, 2002 Tracks 13
Label Disney Records Length


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Track listing[edit]

# Title Artist Length
1 Do You Believe in Magic? BBMak ?
2 Main Title Joel McNeeley ?
3 Second Star to the Right Sammy Fain feat. Jonatha Brooke ?
4 Tale of Pan Joel McNeeley ?
5 I'll Try Jonatha Brooke ?
6 Jane Is Kidnapped Joel McNeeley ?
7 Childhood Lost Joel McNeeley ?
8 Here We Go Another Plan Randy Rogel feat. Jeff Bennett ?
9 Summoning the Octopus/Pan Saves Jane Joel McNeeley ?
10 Flight Through Never Land Joel McNeeley ?
11 So To Be One Of Us They Might Be Giants 1:26
12 Meet the Lost Boys Joel McNeeley ?
13 Now That You're One Of Us They Might Be Giants 0:37
14 Longing for Home Joel McNeeley ?
15 Hook and the Lost Boys Joel McNeeley ?
16 Hook Deceives Jane Joel McNeeley ?
17 Jane Finds the Treasure Joel McNeeley ?
18 Pan Is Captured Joel McNeeley ?
19 I'll Try (Reprise) Joel McNeeley feat. Jonatha Brooke ?
20 Jane Saves Tink and Pan Joel McNeeley ?
21 Jane Can Fly Joel McNeeley ?
22 Flying Home Joel McNeeley ?
23 Reunion Joel McNeeley ?


  • They Might Be Giants contributed two tracks to the film, "So To Be One Of Us", and "Now That You're One Of Us". Note that the songs were not performed by They Might Be Giants, but sung by the cast. Also, they provided the song "I'll Give You One Guess", but it was not used in the film. It went unheard until the film's 2013 Blu-ray release, where a recording that featured vocals by John Flansburgh was included as a deleted scene called Hook's Song: "I'll Give You One Guess" with an accompanying video animatic.