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TMBG Online Information Bulletin        March 30, 1993

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS Spring 93 Mini-Tour

4/21 Worcester, MA / W.P.I.
4/23 Cambridge, MA / M.I.T.
4/24 N. Dartmouth, MA / UMass Dartmouth (Afternoon)
4/24 N. Easton, MA / Stonehill College (Evening)
4/26 New Haven, CT / Toad's Place
4/28 Red Bank, NJ / Count Basie Theatre
4/30 Lewiston, ME / Bates College
5/01 Sudbury, MA / Lincoln-Sudbury Regional H.S.

Tour Notes-
TMBG will be playing these shows with their live backing band (J.D.
Feinberg has other commitments, so drum chores will be handled by Mr.
Brian Doherty of East Orange, NJ). They will be playing some brand new
songs. There may be an additional show on 4/27, stay tuned for more
info. As far as I know all of the college shows are open to the
general public, but if you're planning on attending one of these shows
check with the school to be sure. Red Bank, NJ is only an hour's drive
from New York City (come on down!). The Stonehill College show will
also feature De La Soul. The May Day show at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional
High School (John & John's alma mater) is a memorial for James
McIntyre and proceeds will benefit the Martin Luther King Action
Project, a student group that works on AIDS awareness, helping the
homeless and other worthy causes.

Other Stuff-
The latest edition of the TMBG Information Bulletin and the TMB
Productions Mail Order Catalog was mailed to the 11,000+ members of
the TMBG Information Club yesterday. In a week or so an additional
5,000+ will be sent to people who signed the TMBG mailing list at
shows or sent us letters but haven't yet enrolled in the club (there
is a one time $2 processing fee to enroll). If you're not already on
the list and would like to receive a sample issue of the newsletter
and catalog, you can send us your name and address via email
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