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Date: Tue, 19 May 92 07:08:29 PDT
From: Bo Orloff <bo@igc.org>
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Subject: TMBG Info Bulletin 2.1

TMBG Online Information Bulletin 2.1 / May 1992

First of all, please accept our apologies for our long absence
from the Nets. Things have been incredibly busy at the Hornblow
office lately, and there just hasn't been much time (or energy)
left over around here for the Online Info Bulletin.


A lot has been happening in Giants-world since our last bulletin.
Following the mini-tour in the Eastern U.S. and Canada, John &
John headed across the Atlantic for another mini-tour in Europe.
(Sorry we didn't post the dates in advance, but I guess the
Euro-TMBG fans found out about the tour somehow, 'cause the shows
were mostly sold out.)


TMBG will perform "I Palindrome I" with Paul Schaeffer & the Late
Night Band on NBC's Late Night with David Letterman on Tuesday,
May 19th.


THE BIG NEWS, which some of you have probably already caught wind
of, is that TMBG are putting together a live band for their next
tour! That's right- the next time you see John & John on stage
with accordion and guitar in hand, they will be accompanied not by
their trusty eight-channel Otari reel-to-reel tape deck, but by
actual human musicians. Following is the text of Elektra's press
release announcing the Giants' new touring band.




Brooklyn-based rock duo, They Might Be Giants (John Linnell-
accordion, saxophone, & vocals and John Flansburgh- guitar &
vocals) are about to embark on their longest and largest tour ever
in support of their fourth album, APOLLO 18.

John and John are excited to announce that their new tour
(intriguingly entitled the "Don't Tread On The Cut-Up Snake World
Tour 1992") will feature for the first time ever an expanded
lineup of guest musicians. For much of their new set they will be
accompanied by Kurt Hoffman, founding member of New York City's
the Ordinaires, on sax, clarinet & keyboards; Tony Maimone,
bassist from the legendary Cleveland avant garage band Pere Ubu
(among his many other credits, Tony has also played with Husker D
guitarist, Bob Mould and British post-punk pioneers, the Mekons);
and Jon Feinberg, a New York-based newcomer, on drums (John and
John will still perform some of the set as a duo).

When asked to comment on playing with other musicians, guitarist
John Flansburgh said, "At first we were reluctant to tour with a
rhythm section, but then they said they'd help drive."

Taking off on June 23rd in Cleveland, Ohio and continuing until
early 1993, the tour will first take the band across North America
and back again, playing theatres and a number of large outdoor
festivals, then on to Europe, back to the U.S. and then across the
Pacific to New Zealand, Australia and Japan.

TMBG also have a new single, "I Palindrome I" (a palindrome is a
word or sentence which reads the same way forward or backward,
such as "Mom," "Madam I'm Adam," or "A man, a plan, a canal,
Panama") which has just been released on CD5 with 3 songs not
available on album.

TMBG and their new touring band will be making their network
television debut on NBC's The Tonight Show starring Jay Leno on
Monday, July 6th.


We will be announcing the complete list of actual tour dates for
the summer tour as soon as they're booked, so stay tuned. In the
mean time, here's a list of the TENTATIVE dates for the first
couple of weeks of the tour. Remember, these aren't confirmed yet,
so check your local listings before you quit your jobs or drop out
of school to follow the Giants around the country (that's a

6/23  Cleveland, OH
6/24  Columbus, OH
6/26  Detroit, MI
6/27  Chicago, IL
6/29  Minneapolis, MN
7/1   Denver, CO
7/2   Salt Lake City, UT
7/6   The Tonight Show
7/7   San Francisco, CA
7/8   TBA
7/9   Los Angeles, CA
7/11  Washington, DC Area (WHFS Festival)
7/13  San Diego, CA
7/14  Phoenix, AZ

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