1995, New Years Day - A Letter from Flansburgh

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New Years Day, 1995
A Letter from Flansburgh

Happy New Year Info People! John Flansburgh here, with greetings from San Francisco. They Might Be Giants just got off doing a whirlwind of Christmas festival shows. Highlights included our longest conga line on record (way into the hundreds) at some arena in Dallas, where we followed the reunited Go-Gos. The New Years Eve show here at the Hard Rock Cafe was cool because it was free, instead of the usual audience-busting $30. We played on a make-shift stage built on top of the installed tables, which raised us up to the level of those famous Hard Rock celebrity guitars on display near the ceiling. I couldn't resist plugging some of them in during the show and giving them a strum just to see if they still worked. The Los Lobos guitar was surprisingly in tune, but the most interesting sounding was the one from the Alarm. Very twangy. I didn't have a guitar to spare, but maybe someday I'll retire one and there will be a place for it next to that very new looking Depeche Mode guitar.