1994, Winter - Inn in Hell Lends Joy

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Winter, 1994
Inn in Hell Lends Joy

Another season of grueling toil on the road for TMBG, more frivolous little car games to pass the time. This year while driving across America and Europe I made up anagrams out of the names of our band members, which led me to wonder if the hidden messages lurking behind every name or phrase has some mystical significance (doubt it), or if the letter combinations that someone picks out are a reflection of that person's contorted picture of the world. I'll leave it for you to decide; readers are certainly welcome to make up their own anagrams and send them in to the Info Club.

Randy Andos (trombone, tuba):
add no yarns, on a dry sand, dandy arson

Tony Maimone (bass):
I am on my note, am I not money, emit yon moan

Mike Kelly (tour manager):
eke my kill

Kurt Hoffman (sax, keyboards):
tuff honk arm, funk from hat

Brian Doherty (drums):
drab in theory, a brother indy

There are a seemingly endless number of anagrams for They Might Be Giants. See the big steamy thing in the quantity section.