We Might Be Giants, Too!

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We Might Be Giants, Too! tribute album cover
We Might Be Giants, Too!
Tribute album by Various Artists
First released 1998 Tracks 33
Label None (independent release) Length 71:14
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We Might Be Giants, Too! is a They Might Be Giants tribute album. It was the brain child of various members of the USENET newsgroup alt.music.tmbg. The album was spearheaded, championed and compiled by Jeremy Moskowitz; CD packaging, design and and layout were done by Mike Lebovitz, and illustrations were done by Kyle Carrozza. Distribution was headed up by Matt Ondrey. A bunch of the bands/musicians were part of the now-defunct independent Superpickle Music Arts label. The compilation's name comes from the song "I Might Be Giant, Too", which was left as a message on Dial-A-Song in the late 1980s.


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Track listing[edit]

# Title Artist Length
1 Shoehorn With Teeth Eberts Of Phoenix 2:37
2 Letterbox Nobody Beats 1:30
3 Mysterious Whisper LMP 4:56
4 Out Of Jail Breadbox 2:36
5 Where Your Eyes Don't Go Hence The Name 2:47
6 Dead Musica Ficta 2:38
7 Ant French Silk 2:41
8 I Palindrome I Patrick Foster 2:32
9 Destination Moon The Chips Are Ready 2:57
10 Dirt Bike Jon Smith 2:16
11 Space Suit Hoser 2:19
12 Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes The Creams 2:21
13 Nightgown Of The Sullen Moon Mailbox 1:43
14 Please Pass The Milk Kyle Carrozza 0:11
15 Dinner Bell Cellular Toaster Show 3:11
16 Aren't You The Guy? Nero's Daughter 1:03
17 Mr. Klaw Skip 2:40
18 Fingertips Better Than Nothing 0:18
19 Meet James Ensor Jeremy Moskowitz 1:34
20 The End Of The Tour Jeff Eberlin 3:13
21 Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love Tom Boutell & Greater Delaware 1:10
22 Alienation's For The Rich Slurp 2:16
23 Women And Men Brian Davies And Chris Johnson 3:03
24 I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die Andrew Tisher and David Vagnerini 1:40
25 Toddler Hiway Bereft 0:25
26 Narrow Your Eyes Nicholas Ammerman 2:46
27 Someone Keeps Moving My Chair High Fructose Corn Syrup 2:54
28 James K. Polk Fireplaces And Things 2:53
29 What's That Blue Thing Doing Here Better Than Nothing 0:14
30 O, Do Not Forsake Me Hot Waffles 2:53
31 Twisting Better Than Nothing 2:01
32 Stomp Box/Dig My Grave Bootie And The Hofish 3:33
33 Token Back To Brooklyn Skip 0:46