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A wiki is a special type of web site that enables a group of users (in this case, anyone on the Internet) to collectively edit, expand, revise, and create content. A wiki is particularly useful when a deep exploration into a particular area of interest is desired, in this case, the band They Might Be Giants. A collection of authors will often reveal and devise content that any single user could not alone.

To edit a page (even this one), simply click the "edit" tab to the right of any page. With very few exceptions, you are able to write whatever you want. The creators and hosts of this wiki reserve the right to edit or delete information that is offensive or worthless to the objective of this wiki.

To keep up with the rapid-paced movement of this wiki, check out the Recent changes link on the left side often. From that one page, you can witness every change made by the users of this wiki as soon they occur. Clicking the "diff" link on the left of a change allows you to see exactly what was added, removed or altered in that edit.

To learn more about the wiki concept and about the software used here, feel free to visit:

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