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One of those songs that if it came out now, I'd probably dislike, but I was very fond of it in its day. The last track of the Don't Lets Start Euro compilation of B sides it was pretty much unlike anything I'd ever heard. The riff was good, the lyrics scary brief and funny. Since most of my experience at this time was straight pop music this seemed rather left field. It still does. (Mr Tuck)

Jimmy Stewart[edit]

Linnell puts on Jimmy Stewart's iconic voice for the "Unless that Klaw..." bit, along with the requisite halts, repetitions, and reaches into the higher register. --Nehushtan (talk) 11:50, 30 May 2020 (EDT)

In The Morning (When The Madness Has Faded)[edit]

The guitar riff in this song sounds a lot like the opening of this song by The Tourists (pointed out in a comment under this upload of the song). I wasn't sure if this fit under Trivia, but I thought it was interesting. AngleBlueprint (talk) 19:50, 29 December 2020 (EST)

easily the silliest tmbg song. - fork (talk) 01:48, 27 July 2021 (EDT)