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What is the difference between the Don't Let's Start collection and Miscellaneous T?[edit]

Joe Keith writes:

The Don't Let's Start collection is the European release of Miscellaneous T, preceding Misc. T by approximately 18 months.

They are essentially the same album, except that Misc. T has an extra track (Hello Radio), and a slightly altered track list. (The single mix of Don't Let's Start is the first track on the DLS collection and the last track on Misc. T.)

Personally, I'd like to think that track 13 (the untitled one) was meant to be at that position in the track list, so with the addition of Hello Radio to Misc. T, something had to move to keep track 13 where it rightfully belongs. I could, of course be barking up a nonexistent tree.

The Don't Let's Start collection also has completely different artwork.

Is there really a hidden track on the Factory Showroom CD? How can I find it?[edit]

Yes. On your CD player, start the CD, then hold down the "rewind" («) button. At 1:03, let go; the secret track (track 0, entitled "Token Back To Brooklyn") will play. On some CD players, you may need to press "pause" before rewinding, and many CD players do not recognize this track at all. Sorry, tape owners, this track is only on the CD. And some non-USA CDs do not include the track either.

Richard Healey notes:

Alright, I'm a former regular at, and I wondered for some time how to access "Token Back to Brooklyn," the hidden track everyone has heard about. Well, I have finally found out an easy way to hear the track, and since you put up the discography on, I figured you might be someone of import to mention it to. It turns out that the Playstation (yes, the video game console) can play track 0 on a CD, although it just calls it Track 1 with a negative time signature. By jumping back to around Track 1, Time -1:00 on Factory Showroom, you can hear "Token." Not the best of TMBG perhaps, but still interesting. I don't know of any other such hidden tracks, but if they are technically before the first song, a Playstation can do the trick.

Mike Levy adds:

You can now also hear Token Back to Brooklyn on Long Tall Weekend, TMBG's first MP3 release. Available from

What is this tribute album I keep hearing about?[edit]

The tribute album is a compilation of covers of They Might Be Giants songs performed by subscribers to the tmbg-list and, and other random musical fans. The TMBG tribute album, entitled We Might Be Giants, Too, was initially inspired by Ryan Patrick Bassler. It was finished by Jeremy Moskowitz and Matt Ondrey. It had its own web page (""). That page is dead, but there's a page on this wiki. See the web page for all details on the project including available formats. There is a second tribute album in the works, see the page if you would like to contribute. If you do not have web access, feel free to e-mail Dan Kurtz (

What's the deal with On Earth My Nina?[edit]

On Earth My Nina, track number 14 on Long Tall Weekend was created by John Linnell as a kind of joke. One day he was fooling around with a recording of another (unreleased) TMBG song, Thunderbird. He had reversed it and was interested to hear what sounded like the phrase 'On Earth My Nina'. Then he had the idea that he could create a song that sounded kind of like Thunderbird when you play it in reverse, so that's what he did. Married with the idea that anyone who is downloading the MP3 has access to the technology to reverse it, it was the perfect candidate for Long Tall Weekend.

Who is Brian Dewan, and how does he tie in with TMBG?[edit]

Brian Dewan is a great solo musician who has known the Johns since the early years. He shared an apartment with John Linnell, which is where the video for The Guitar was shot. Brian plays autoharp, accordion and a homemade electric zither, among other things. He is also a carpenter, and he has his own line of furniture: Dewan Luxury Products. (Linnell's current keyboard stand bears a plaque with this name) He also built the structures found on the covers of Lincoln & Miscellaneous T. Brian performed two of the Fingertips on Apollo 18 (I Found a New Friend Underneath My Pillow & Who's Knocking on the Wall) and he has opened for They Might Be Giants and Mono Puff on numerous occasions throughout the years. He has released two discs on John Flansburgh's Hello Record of the Month club as well as two full-length albums. They are called Tells the Story & The Operating Theater and are available directly from Brian for $15 each plus $2 for shipping. Send your payment to: Brian Dewan c/o Immemorial Music 18 Havemeyer Street Brooklyn, NY 11211-2130. Make checks payable to Brian Dewan.

Did TMBG record Fish Heads, 88 Lines About 44 Women, The Beer Song, etc.?[edit]

No. There are many songs that are labeled as They Might Be Giants being offered on such services as Napster, Scour Exchange, iMesh, etc. Usually this happens when someone downloads a song that is unlabeled in terms of the artist, and the song sounds like TMBG to said person. Here is a list of some of these songs, followed by the artist(s) that actually recorded them.

Fish Heads - Barnes & Barnes
88 Lines About 44 Women - The Nails
The Beer Song - Matt Stone & Trey Parker (of South Park fame)
Spiderman - Moxy Fruvous (sometimes labeled as Superman)
Puttin' on the Ritz - Fred Astaire, Taco (some people think this song sounds like Istanbul)
The Banana Slug Song - Severe Tire Damage (you can see why this one was labeled as TMBG)
Flight of the Barking Death Squirrel - Big Poo Generator
I Be an Retarded - Big Poo Generator

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