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2012-03-10Terminal 5New York, NYAttendance (76) 76 wikians attended: 2bitmonkey Apollo BeanGirl Bells12 Benjamminash BlueCanary Bonkle88 Brianwlevine CapitalQ Cheesegod Christob Corey Corndog1371 Discardedfolderol Doktorworm Dr. LG Drworm75 Explodingalice Ferreteers Frodolives HeyErikLeafinson Himynameism Houseofmayors Implode on Impact Izzy Palindrome Izzy Ja9novak James.K.Folk Jams JasonDeLima JerryTheSkids Johnreale KathyK Kayakcup Kerimaus Kevin713 Labsicles LeeSteel Leetch2 Lekker Lemita LouRocco Maxemaze MichelleMaBelle Mind flux Mkpiano Mr. 77 Mr. Me Museumofidiots Neimah Oddjob Pith Poutinstereo Richegreen Rockmarooned Rsreale Scottscottscott Sg7791 Sleestakcanary Slightlyoffaxis Spike Surveysez TDK Tenderfoot The Silver Chauffeur Thruthosetrees Tmbgdanfan Tmbjared Tmbotg Tproa Tsyndrome Tvfactoryguy Tvman Vvedge Willie Xzolen Zondry
2013-11-02Terminal 5
(Featuring full performance of They Might Be Giants (Album))
New York, NYAttendance (52) 52 wikians attended: Ajon Antgeth Apollo Bells12 BlueCanary Bluecojiro Bonkle88 Brianwlevine CapitalQ Corey Craighecht DarKrow Discardedfolderol Doctor particle man Dr. LG Drypaintsigns ElfLady Ferreteers Funatic Goldie1028 Greatquux Harrycalder Houseofmayors Indie Cysion J2 Jams JasonDeLima Jbob366 Kevin713 Laughing Lyric Leetch2 Mdith Museumofidiots Neimah Nulldogmas Oddjob Poutinstereo Richegreen Rosefox Shaneoffools Skullivan Surveysez TDK Teddyleevin The Cap'm Tmbotg Tsyndrome Vvedge Waymu Wireless mike Xzolen Zenith
2018-10-27Terminal 5New York, NYAttendance (29) 29 wikians attended: Ajon BlueCanary Brianwlevine CapitalQ Cfhume Christob Craighecht Dave1dmarx Disinvited Guest Indie Cysion J2 Kayakcup Mrsbluebeard Museumofidiots Nulldogmas Octoflange Oliveirach Richegreen Rosefox Selfcallednowhere Spookytara The nicest of the damned Tisher Tmbgdanfan Vvedge Waymu Wireless mike Zenith Zondry

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