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1994-12-09House of BluesNew Orleans, LAAttendance (1) 1 wikians attended: Actual size
1996-09-19House of BluesLos Angeles, CAAttendance (4) 4 wikians attended: Absolutelybill Eviltikimonkey Garit Kerimaus
1998-03-21House of BluesMyrtle Beach, SCAttendance (1) 1 wikians attended: Older Still
1998-09-11House of BluesLos Angeles, CAAttendance (7) 7 wikians attended: Brocktune Eviltikimonkey Garit Kerimaus Melorama ProphetM The Vanishing Dot
1999-09-27House of BluesLos Angeles, CAAttendance (6) 6 wikians attended: Eviltikimonkey Exit12 Garit Jontom Kerimaus Trainman
1999-09-28House of BluesLos Angeles, CAAttendance (3) 3 wikians attended: Eviltikimonkey Garit James.K.Folk
2000-02-25House of BluesCambridge, MAAttendance (0) 0 wikians attended:
No wikians attended this show.
2001-02-02House of BluesLos Angeles, CAAttendance (8) 8 wikians attended: Andersonic1970 Apeiken DistopioSmashedtobits Eviltikimonkey Fitch MikeHollywood Mrhorrible78 Trainman
2001-02-03House of BluesAnaheim, CAAttendance (10) 10 wikians attended: Charlotter0x ClaytonSChan DistopioSmashedtobits Eviltikimonkey JJRRutgers Kerimaus MikeHollywood Mrhorrible78 My Insatiable One The Vanishing Dot
2001-09-29House of BluesNew Orleans, LAAttendance (2) 2 wikians attended: Bigdadyjosh Wompedy
2001-10-17House of BluesChicago, ILAttendance (0) 0 wikians attended:
No wikians attended this show.
2002-07-27House of BluesAnaheim, CAAttendance (16) 16 wikians attended: Apeiken Charlotter0x ClaytonSChan Eitingon Eviltikimonkey Garit Jontom Kerimaus Kevin713 MikeHollywood My Insatiable One Richegreen Selfcallednowhere Stevenaaron The Bear Wireless mike
2002-07-28bHouse of BluesLas Vegas, NVAttendance (1) 1 wikians attended: ProphetM
2003-04-26House of BluesAnaheim, CAAttendance (7) 7 wikians attended: Eviltikimonkey Garit Kerimaus MikeHollywood My Insatiable One The Bear The Vanishing Dot
2004-04-16House of BluesAnaheim, CAAttendance (12) 12 wikians attended: Artmonkeygirl Captaincaustic ClaytonSChan Eviltikimonkey Kerimaus MikeHollywood My Insatiable One Ovenmitt Pandaman Shrubbo Techierain Venusenv
2004-07-21House of BluesNew Orleans, LAAttendance (0) 0 wikians attended:
No wikians attended this show.
2004-08-17House of BluesAnaheim, CAAttendance (11) 11 wikians attended: Captaincaustic ClaytonSChan Eviltikimonkey My Insatiable One Nogwater Slick Techierain The Vanishing Dot VenusEnV Wireless mike Yankamerica
2004-08-18House of BluesLos Angeles, CAAttendance (13) 13 wikians attended: ClaytonSChan Cronny Derrek Eitingon Eviltikimonkey Garit Jontom My Insatiable One The Bear The Vanishing Dot Trainman Wireless mike Yankamerica
2005-03-24House of Blues
(this show was filmed for Music Choice)
Los Angeles, CAAttendance (17) 17 wikians attended: Captaincaustic ClaytonSChan Derrek DistopioSmashedtobits Eviltikimonkey Kayakcup Kerimaus MikeHollywood My Insatiable One Plurie RonAmoriM Shrubbo The Bear The Vanishing Dot Tisher Trainman Yankamerica
2007-10-04House of BluesSan Diego, CAAttendance (8) 8 wikians attended: Captaincaustic Da3ve Einstein runner Eviltikimonkey My Insatiable One Nehushtan Rossum Slick
2007-10-05House of BluesAnaheim, CAAttendance (30) 30 wikians attended: Arben Ashurbanipal Azechiel Brocktune Captaincaustic CharlieWolf ClaytonSChan DistopioSmashedtobits Earthworm meg Eviltikimonkey Eyetalic F59PHI450 Far call Freakflag Friendbone Hermy-o-ninny Kerimaus LadsGal McBob My Insatiable One Nogwater Oliveirach Perspixx RLJohYouDid Stormer TAD2020 Techierain The Vanishing Dot Venusenv Zechief
2008-03-04House of BluesDallas, TXAttendance (14) 14 wikians attended: Disposition27 Dr worm md Greychr Handment Hockalees JoeMcDuck MasterChivo Mistercpf Mistersaturn Raven RLJohYouDid Saubrey Trilliongrams Twitchingmonkey
2008-03-07House of BluesNew Orleans, LAAttendance (3) 3 wikians attended: Bashful223 Calistanjay Klimdeeni
2008-03-13House of BluesOrlando, FLAttendance (11) 11 wikians attended: Ames Bloodmuffin Dietspritezero Eitingon Green.Jello Hotelmesopotamia Moofy Oliveirach Retrac SenSurroun TDK
2009-10-31House of Blues
(Family show)
Dallas, TXAttendance (13) 13 wikians attended: Buzzmusic100 DidgeGuy Eagonwild Hockalees Mistercpf Propman RatherDashing Raven RLJohYouDid SamuelMan36 Snagwhag Theatlas Twitchingmonkey
2011-11-16House of BluesAnaheim, CAAttendance (23) 23 wikians attended: Arben Captaincaustic DistopioSmashedtobits EclecticDean Eviltikimonkey Ezamor Friendbone Ghstpg HectorR Homestar Golfer Kerimaus LadsGal Mc Frown McBob MikeHollywood MrBlame My Insatiable One Rabidchild1 RLJohYouDid The Vanishing Dot Tweedt Wally Brando Yankamerica
2013-03-08House of BluesNew Orleans, LAAttendance (5) 5 wikians attended: Bashful223 Cloneofme DrBones Fijiwriter Nosaj56
2013-03-09House of BluesHouston, TXAttendance (10) 10 wikians attended: ACupOfCoffee Justabaldguy Justnobody Nehushtan Nosaj56 Pants catalog ProfoundlyPaige Selfcallednowhere Sparkling omelets Twitchingmonkey
2013-03-12House of BluesDallas, TXAttendance (11) 11 wikians attended: Aububuh Breadhair Cstillo DidgeGuy Greychr Handment HeMightBeMike JoeMcDuck Selfcallednowhere Simnacher Trilliongrams
2013-06-15House of BluesAnaheim, CAAttendance (29) 29 wikians attended: Barnedoodle Big Big Boredom Buttertownmayor CallMeMommyMarshmello Covenant DistopioSmashedtobits DrVblschrf Eviltikimonkey FallenOutWithMyHead Faninor Friendbone Garit HectorR Heyitssilver Kakenrip Kentdigimon Kerimaus LadsGal McBob My Insatiable One NintenDorky Oldpinebox Pandaman Robert m ok Rsreale The Vanishing Dot Tweedt Yankamerica Yourhighness
2015-04-23House of BluesBoston, MAAttendance (22) 22 wikians attended: Apostrophe T Augie BlueCanary Eee Ggerrietts GimmieYC 9 HellHotel Indie Cysion Johnreale Kethera Leebenningfield NeatStringer Poutinstereo Redheadedsnippet Riptor3000 SlowlyTwistin Staffman TMBG FOREVER TomInBoston WeaslyD Yorick Younghickory
2015-05-02House of BluesAnaheim, CAAttendance (22) 22 wikians attended: Bagofgroceries BlueCanary Bribob4 Covenant DistopioSmashedtobits Ericjdev Eviltikimonkey Eyetalic FallenOutWithMyHead Friendbone HectorR Kakenrip Kentdigimon Kerimaus LadsGal My Insatiable One NintenDorky Nogwater Ovenmitt Rossum Stevenaaron The Vanishing Dot
2016-04-02House of BluesNew Orleans, LAAttendance (5) 5 wikians attended: 2cat007 Bashful223 BlueCanary Minerwerks Nosaj56
2018-04-27House of BluesBoston, MAAttendance (13) 13 wikians attended: Bluef00t Catspajamas Chriscam84 Ebow Kethera Leebenningfield LouRocco Redheadedsnippet Riptor3000 ScottyB SRMX12 Tape Timothymh
2023-05-19House of Blues
(Featuring all of Flood)
Dallas, TXAttendance (2) 2 wikians attended: Nehushtan Pizzaremix

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