TMBG Shows In Indianapolis, IN

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1993-09-16The VogueIndianapolis, INAttendance (1) 1 wikians attended: Exit12
1995-03-09The VogueIndianapolis, INAttendance (0) 0 wikians attended:
No wikians attended this show.
1996-04-01The VogueIndianapolis, INAttendance (2) 2 wikians attended: Duende Graywest
1999-04-19The VogueIndianapolis, INAttendance (3) 3 wikians attended: Duende IMBDave Ovenmitt
2002-04-04The VogueIndianapolis, INAttendance (5) 5 wikians attended: 2DoubleFives Aliste Indieme Ovenmitt TheSpoonyBard
2005-07-13Music MillIndianapolis, INAttendance (5) 5 wikians attended: Aliste Duende Graywest IMBDave Topherbook
2007-11-08The VogueIndianapolis, INAttendance (8) 8 wikians attended: Aesthete Duende IMBDave Indieme Mossycow Never Ovenmitt Thirtysilver
2009-10-13The VogueIndianapolis, INAttendance (8) 8 wikians attended: BlueCanary Duende Garybot IMBDave Indieme Macheensout Ovenmitt Thirtysilver
2009-10-14Murat Theatre
(ExactTarget User Conference)
Indianapolis, INAttendance (1) 1 wikians attended: Thirtysilver
2011-09-22The Vogue
(Dan Miller not present)
Indianapolis, INAttendance (13) 13 wikians attended: Freakflag Graywest IMBDave Indieme James.K.Folk JasonT KingAC Marjamon Msickafoose Ovenmitt RLJohYouDid Shnizzedy SnakeintheGround
2013-05-30The VogueIndianapolis, INAttendance (11) 11 wikians attended: BlueCanary Bmichael Duende Freakflag IMBDave INeedACrane Mosesofthecows Nickpage Ovenmitt WhereYourEyesDontGo Woodsie22
2017-08-17Bankers Life Fieldhouse
(Performance for Gen Con 50)
Indianapolis, INAttendance (10) 10 wikians attended: 8bitmonkey Annadacanada Dehodson Graceomallet IMBDave Invisiblehippo97 LouRocco Parimer Rossum Scarlet Swordfish
2018-02-07The VogueIndianapolis, INAttendance (8) 8 wikians attended: Dehodson Disinvited Guest Freakflag Graywest IGetThatAllTheTime IMBDave Marjamon Scarlet Swordfish
2023-03-26Egyptian Room at Old National Centre
(Featuring all of Flood)
Indianapolis, INAttendance (14) 14 wikians attended: 24HR-COFFEE Akcroap B33-1N-Y0UR-B0NN3T Disinvited Guest Exit12 Graywest IMBDave Lily Borb Norba ParticleManMRB Sagelikesgiants Stymie317 Tsunani WickedPissaLittleGuy

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