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1988-11-19Club ClearviewDallas, TXAttendance (0) 0 wikians attended:
No wikians attended this show.
1990-04-09Club ADallas, TXAttendance (0) 0 wikians attended:
No wikians attended this show.
1990-10-21Arcadia TheatreDallas, TXAttendance (2) 2 wikians attended: Dawfun Karmadrome
1992-07-21Majestic TheatreDallas, TXAttendance (3) 3 wikians attended: Mistercpf Older Still OneOBall
1993-12-31aDeep Ellum Live
(All Ages Show)
Dallas, TXAttendance (3) 3 wikians attended: Drpants Mistercpf Wompedy
1993-12-31bDeep Ellum Live
(18+ New Year's Countdown Show)
Dallas, TXAttendance (4) 4 wikians attended: Older Still Rngwrm UsernameDot Wompedy
1994-12-07Majestic TheatreDallas, TXAttendance (2) 2 wikians attended: Mistercpf Wompedy
1994-12-18Fair Park ColiseumDallas, TXAttendance (1) 1 wikians attended: Mistercpf
1997-11-08TreesDallas, TXAttendance (6) 6 wikians attended: Mistercpf Nehushtan Raven Thatcrazybastard Twitchingmonkey Wompedy
1998-09-18Deep Ellum LiveDallas, TXAttendance (7) 7 wikians attended: Benio Mistercpf Mongoose Raven Thatcrazybastard Twitchingmonkey Wompedy
1999-09-19Gypsy Tea RoomDallas, TXAttendance (5) 5 wikians attended: Hockalees Mistercpf Raven Twitchingmonkey Wompedy
2001-09-27Gypsy Tea RoomDallas, TXAttendance (9) 9 wikians attended: Greychr Handment Hockalees Mistercpf Parisinstereo Raven Semprini Twitchingmonkey Wompedy
2002-03-15Gypsy Tea RoomDallas, TXAttendance (7) 7 wikians attended: Bkburner Hockalees Mistersaturn Parisinstereo Raven Semprini Twitchingmonkey
2004-07-17TreesDallas, TXAttendance (9) 9 wikians attended: Bkburner Greychr Hockalees Klimdeeni Mistercpf Mistersaturn Raven Scottandjoc20 Twitchingmonkey
2004-07-18TreesDallas, TXAttendance (6) 6 wikians attended: Hockalees Mistersaturn Progcode Raven Semprini Twitchingmonkey
2008-03-04House of BluesDallas, TXAttendance (14) 14 wikians attended: Disposition27 Dr worm md Greychr Handment Hockalees JoeMcDuck MasterChivo Mistercpf Mistersaturn Raven RLJohYouDid Saubrey Trilliongrams Twitchingmonkey
2009-10-31House of Blues
(Family show)
Dallas, TXAttendance (13) 13 wikians attended: Buzzmusic100 DidgeGuy Eagonwild Hockalees Mistercpf Propman RatherDashing Raven RLJohYouDid SamuelMan36 Snagwhag Theatlas Twitchingmonkey
2012-02-02Granada TheaterDallas, TXAttendance (13) 13 wikians attended: Aububuh DidgeGuy Dr worm md Greychr Handment JohnMLTX Mistercpf Mistersaturn Musikerlondon Progcode Semprini Simnacher Trilliongrams
2013-03-12House of BluesDallas, TXAttendance (11) 11 wikians attended: Aububuh Breadhair Cstillo DidgeGuy Greychr Handment HeMightBeMike JoeMcDuck Selfcallednowhere Simnacher Trilliongrams
2015-05-13Granada TheaterDallas, TXAttendance (12) 12 wikians attended: Abraxas Aububuh Cstillo DidgeGuy Dr. Unpronounceable JohnMLTX Mr. Unpronounceable Pfetters RLJohYouDid SilverThread Simnacher Trilliongrams
2018-02-03aGood RecordsDallas, TXAttendance (5) 5 wikians attended: Aububuh DidgeGuy Handment Propman Ratthew
2018-02-03bThe KesslerDallas, TXAttendance (5) 5 wikians attended: Aububuh Hockalees Propman Selfcallednowhere Trilliongrams
2023-05-19House of Blues
(Featuring all of Flood)
Dallas, TXAttendance (1) 1 wikians attended: Pizzaremix

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