Lyrics:Greeting From The Deranged Millionaire

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Greeting From The Deranged Millionaire
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2005

From the Venue Songs DVD:

Good afternoon. Not long ago, They Might Be Giants, grizzled veterans of multiple national club tours, were once again lured by the siren call of the American road. But this tour would be different. The day before they set out, they were contacted by a mysterious deranged millionaire, with a bold, artistic challenge. Write a new song every day, a song that would celebrate the unique character of each venue in which they performed, or else lose their magical song writing talisman, and leave Brooklyn forever vulnerable to his roving baseball gangs, and monstrous creatures. Ladies and gentlemen, I am that deranged millionaire, and I now present to you in what may be the last broadcast from They Might Be Giants studios before they are mine. The whirlwind national journey that is the Venue Songs of They Might Be Giants.