Lyrics:Doris Cunningham (WFMU Demo)

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Doris Cunningham (WFMU Demo)
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 1985

Doris: We're back in the studio, and I'm Doris Cunningham with They Might Be Giants; John Flansburgh and John Linnell. Johns, a friend of mine, Eleanor Summers, from the A. P. Wire Service, told me you two live like pigs. Is this true?

Flansburgh: [laugh/cry] It's funny you say that, 'cause a lot of people have said the same thing, and– [laugh/cry] I– I guess it's true. [laugh/cry] It's funny you say that, 'cause a lot of people have said the same thing, and I– uh, yeah, that's true.

Doris: John and John, I know you're sitting on the cutting edge of the music world; tell us what you think of some of the bands coming out of England.

Linnell: Yeah, we're into, uh, Kinks...

Flansburgh: Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, right?

Linnell: Frankie, Spandau Ballet...

Flansburgh: U2, Everything but the Girl...

Linnell: Mhm. Howard Jennings...

Flansburgh: All the- all the English bands; Paul Young, Wham!; George Michael was an incredible guitar player, and really has a strong influence.

Flansburgh: Oh yeah.

Linnell: Thomas Dolby, of course.

Flansburgh: Nick Howard, Sting, um...

Linnell: Dead or Alive...

Flansburgh: Oh, incredible records, I mean, the songs are so powerful.

Linnell: I– I think England is– is where it's– it's happening.

Flansburgh: I think it's all really gonna start for us in England.

Linnell: Mm. Wow.

Doris: Tell me, John and John, how do you like doing live radio?

Flansburgh: Oooohhhhwoahheee awawee owoah awwweee awwwwwwewwwwoah ai ai aughwwoahwah augwoaha ohwoaheaohwoahwaohwoah

Doris: A lot of people have compared the band They Might Be Giants to Germany in the '30s. What do you think of that?

Both Johns: Oooooohhhhhwwwhoahhhhooooohhhh. Heavy, heavy.

Doris: You sometimes think about wearing long, long hair. Is that a statement?

Doris: I think you have another song for us. Would you like to perform it?

(Dink oo dink oo dink)

What's the name of the song?

(Dink oo dink oo dink)

Oh, I think I know that one! Great, great.