Lyrics:Apple Juice Blues

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Apple Juice Blues
By: They Might Be Giants feat. Homestar Runner
Year: 2005

No problem this time. Apple juice... Sassafras... He was all the time askin' me, "How d'you— how do you teach class?" I say— "Class is something you're born with, Not something, you can buy!" Just look me in the eye! Lady! Gimmie a dollar! Gimmie two dollars! C'mon! I was a man! But now I'm a dude! Oh yeah! I was a fan! A ceiling fan... Man! When you asked me to marry you, I said, "What? I can't here you, the TV's on." That TV was on, way too loud! I didn't hear you propose to me. Lady, My arm really, really hurts.

Oh, I think my head just hit the microphone.