Lyrics:"The Great Walled City"

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"The Great Walled City"
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2005

From the Venue Songs DVD: Leaving Anaheim swiftly at dawn, They Might Be Giants drives north to Canada, and the great walled city of Vancouver. The venue is Richard's on Richards, so named for its location on Richards Street, and presumably for the fact that it is owned by someone named Richard. But They Might Be Giants doesn't care. Instead, they empty their minds, and create a song entirely unrelated to the venue itself.

Alternate version: They Might Be Giants drives north to Vancouver to a cinema-turned-rock club called Richard's on Richards. As they arrive at the venue, nestled in the heart of the red light district, they cannot help but wonder, "Is this all a grand mistake?" Were the proprietors expecting the band or a 16mm print of an old George C. Scott film? Or perhaps they were expecting a 16mm print of something more nefarious? Hoping to quell yet another George C. Scott-fueled riot, the band attempts to pacify the crowd with a song fixed on the venue's hypnotically redundant name, Richard's on Richards on Richards on Richards...