Lyrics:"An Oasis Of Hooch"

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"An Oasis Of Hooch"
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2005

From the Venue Songs DVD: Then, as all Americans must, They Might Be Giants soon learn the incredible truth. There is more than one House of Blues. Next stop: Anaheim, home to the Anaheim House Of Blues. An oasis of hooch, honky-tonk, unfiltered cigarettes, and beer-drinking goats, right in the heart of the Magic Kingdom. They Might Be Giants has all the inspiration they require.

Alternate version: Then, They Might Be Giants learns the horrible truth. There is more than one House of Blues. Next stop, Anaheim and the Anaheim House of Blues. Now Anaheim is little more than a protectorate of Disneyland's saccharine empire. But, tucked deep inside the Magic Kingdom, there is still one rundown honky-tonk, where the liquor flows freely, the party lasts 'til nearly eleven p.m., and the jug band has only three Animatronic bears. Welcome to the Anaheim house of Blues! Still home to at least one live bear.