Interpretations:Introducing The Vowel Family

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A lot to talk about here[edit]

Ok theres a lot here to ill go lyric by lyric to help you out

Here's a song that features a musical family of vowels!

So, where do we start? Why doesnt Linnell say "a muscial family CALLED vowels"? He says OF vowels, implying that not all vowels are there. so maybe theres a secret vowel thats not none thats put out from the group, or they are trying to mess up the kids listening to this song.

And it's performed by some friends of ours called the Deeply Felt Puppet Theater. We want to thank 'em for helping us out.

So flans says its preformed by SOME friends of ours. but to my knowedge, every member is included in the video. maybe they had another member at the time but they never showed up and abandoned him?