Hall Or Nothing 1988 Press Release

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America's independent success story, They Might Be Giants become One Little Indian's first US signing when the label releases their second lp — Lincoln' — in mid February.

'Lincoln' is the follow-up to their eponymously titled debut album, which sold over 200,000 copies in the States. Released on the tiny Hoboken label, Bar/None, the nineteen track lp is an extrovert collection of precise pop vignettes.

With the homemade video's becoming permanent features on MTV, the Giants have broken new ground for American indie bands.

Taking to the road with their battered up accordion, guitar, and tape recorder, the group played a series of bacchanalian bar room dates on their 'Bring Me The Head Of Kenny Rogers' tour.

The Giants - that's John Flanbsurgh and John Linnell - first met at High School in Boston. Losing contact they bumped into each other several years later after both moving into the same Brooklyn apartment block. The two Johns soon amassed over 300 songs. Unable to find an outlet they started their Dial-A-Song service, where fans could ring in to the Giants answerphone and hear a newly written tune every day. This service still operates on 0101 718 387 6962, and please leave a message after the tone.

With eighteen songs on 'Lincoln' They Might Be Giants combine the classic with the quirky, writing highly strung, word intensive tunes.

A single, 'They'll Need A Crane' backed by 'I've Got A Match', is released by One Little Indian on January 30th, with the twelve inch containing two extra tracks, 'Kiss Me Son Of God' and 'I'll Sink Manhattan'.

The Giants fly into Blighty after Christmas to play a couple of London dates.

For more answerphone info call Philip Hall on 01 434 3080
A gigantic news story dated December 13th 1988.