Destroy All Songs

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song name Destroy All Songs
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Unreleased
year 2008
first played September 12, 2008 (1 known performances)
run time Clock.png This unreleased song has only been played live,
and therefore has no definitive run time.
sung by John Flansburgh, John Linnell, Danny Weinkauf, Dan Miller, Marty Beller


  • Like Spin The Dial on acid, "Destroy All Songs" is a bit introduced in September 2008 at live shows, which showcases each member of the band while incorporating different parts of different songs played simultaneously. Each member of the band plays a certain bar or riff from a different popular song separately. For instance, John Linnell plays a few bars of one popular song, followed by Danny Weinkauf playing the bass riff to another song, and so on. After this, the band plays all their respective parts at the same time, with a very cool resulting sound. They go this way a few times and then sing the line "DESTROY ALL SONGS!" over whatever they are playing at the time.

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