(She Was A) Hotel Detective (EP)/Press Release

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After a runaway best-selling debut album, successful U.S. and European tours, and an extended run on MTV, THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS are happy to announce the release of their new single and video, "(She Was A) Hotel Detective".  Four previously unreleased songs are also featured on the release, which will be available in all formats including the new, wild and weird 3" CD.

1988 has been an amazing year for THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS.  After an overwhelming public response to their video of "Don't Let's Start" on MTV, the band has broken out on commercial and college radio charts, with "Don't Let's Start" reaching top five status on KROQ in Los Angeles.  After a completely sold-out tour of the West Coast, the band returned to New York to receive the Best Band-Independent Label award at the New York Music Awards, where the duo shared a bill with the likes of Suzanne Vega and LL Cool J.

For THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS life has been a series of fortuitous events.  Though based out of Brooklyn, New York, the duo of guitarist John Flansburgh and accordionist-sax man John Linnell actually met each other in grammar school in the suburbs of Boston.  After years apart in other bands and world tours of institutions of higher learning, the pair found themselves reunited in a railroad apartment building in Brooklyn, coincidentally moving in on the same day.  It wasn't long until the two Johns joined musical forces and formed THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS.

Determined not to have their audience limited to downtown Manhattan club-goers, the band started their own DIAL-A-SONG service, which recently celebrated its third anniversary.  Featuring a different song every day from the group's giant library of songs, DIAL-A-SONG awaits your call at 718-387-6962.  AND IT'S FREE WHEN YOU CALL FROM WORK!

Since the release of their debut album, THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS has garnered favorable reviews from critics at periodicals as wide-ranging as Rolling Stone, The Nation, People Magazine, The New York Times, Star Hits, Spin, NME, Interview and the Los Angeles Times.