Zombies Or The Undead

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Central theme[edit | edit source]

  • The Darlings Of Lumberland
  • Exquisite Dead Guy
  • Tavern In Pinsk - "All the corpses have a drink" as they await "deliverance"
  • The Edison Museum - "Ghosts float up the stair, like silent moving pictures"..."The tallest, widest and most famous haunted mansion in New Jersey"
  • Turn Around - "...A man I had recently killed / Called me up from a phone near my building", "...The ghost of my dance instructor / Pushed me down into an open grave"
  • You Probably Get That A Lot - A cephalophore is a saint who was martyred via beheading and are portrayed carrying their head. For one to be sarcastically lip-syncing to John Linnell, it would have to have been carnally reanimated.

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