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This page is an attempt to create a list of all TMBG shows that were ever recorded and broadcast as webcasts.

The following shows were featured as video webcasts:

Date Venue City Attendance
1999-07-19 Irving Plaza New York, NY Attendance (9) 9 wikians attended: Greatquux I am a Sax Player JJRRutgers MikeHollywood Scott bernstein Sensurround29 Skullivan TDK Zaph

1999-09-27 House of Blues
Los Angeles, CA Attendance (5) 5 wikians attended: Eviltikimonkey Garit Jontom Kerimaus Trainman

2000-04-27 Bowery Ballroom
New York, NY Attendance (10) 10 wikians attended: Cheesegod Iamsplice JJRRutgers LeeSteel Museumofidiots Oddjob Sirubberduckie Skullivan TDK Tisher

2001-04-17 Toad's Place
New Haven, CT Attendance (5) 5 wikians attended: Iamsplice LeeSteel Rockmarooned Scanham Slightlyoffaxis

2001-10-12 The Blue Note
Columbia, MO Attendance (1) 1 wikians attended: Dr worm md

2001-10-27 Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
Providence, RI Attendance (11) 11 wikians attended: Garybot Mongoose Poopship destroyer RecipeForDisaster Richegreen Rockmarooned Selfcallednowhere Slightlyoffaxis The Silver Chauffeur Twosheds Zaph

2001-10-29 Toad's Place New Haven, CT Attendance (8) 8 wikians attended: Arben Iamsplice LeeSteel Mongoose Pugley Rockmarooned Selfcallednowhere Slightlyoffaxis

2001-10-31 9:30 Club
Washington, DC Attendance (12) 12 wikians attended: Bryce JJRRutgers Mdith PhillyCrow Piels Richegreen Rossum Selfcallednowhere TDK ThisMightBeAndy Zadillo Zaph

2002-06-28 On the Bricks
Atlanta, GA Attendance (2) 2 wikians attended: Lange17 ThisMightBeAndy

2002-06-29 DC Sessions
Washington, DC Attendance (8) 8 wikians attended: Bryce Drypaintsigns Duke33 JJRRutgers Piels Rljenk Sashwap Zaph

2002-08-03 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN Attendance (2) 2 wikians attended: LouRocco Tproa

2010-10-02 Kennedy Center
Washington, DC Attendance (7) 7 wikians attended: Christob Duke33 Jlavezzo Jokah Nightpotato Singrdave Tenniru

2013-10-19 Orange County Convention Center
(Nerdapalooza festival)
Orlando, FL Attendance (5) 5 wikians attended: CJSF HerRoyalFlyness Kaylum Nosaj56 Vwfreak42

2018-03-11 Fox Theatre
Boulder, CO Attendance (2) 2 wikians attended: Einarfour RLJohYouDid

The following shows were featured as audio-only webcasts:

Date Venue City Attendance
1998-09-11 House of Blues Los Angeles, CA Attendance (7) 7 wikians attended: Brocktune Eviltikimonkey Garit Kerimaus Melorama ProphetM The Vanishing Dot

2000-11-16 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY Attendance (8) 8 wikians attended: Cheesegod Corey Disgruntledninja Iamsplice JJRRutgers Museumofidiots Skullivan TDK

2006-06-30 World Cafe Live Philadelphia, PA Attendance (8) 8 wikians attended: BlixieB Cody-schmidt CuppaCoffee DarKrow Frodolives Shepritz TDK ThisMightBeAndy

2008-04-18 Big Twig Studio Roscoe, NY Attendance (3) 3 wikians attended: Donata Traverso Farmanimalsrock SgtFloydPepper