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Tzion is a major fan of They Might Be Giants.

Biographical Information[edit | edit source]

Birth[edit | edit source]

Tzion was born on a dark and stormy night. It was 3:30 PM on the Twelveth of October in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty-Nine.

The Middle Part[edit | edit source]

So far, this is the most dramatic part of Tzion's short life. Of course, his death could be even more eventful, but don't get your hopes up.

Introduction to They Might Giants[edit | edit source]

He was first introduced to them in elementary school when he heard his friend singing Istanbul, but didn't become a fan until 10th grade when another friend lent him a mix cd with several of their songs, including Dr. Worm, New York City, and Istanbul. His interest was piqued, and he soon bought a copy of A User's Guide. He has been an avid listener ever since.

Death[edit | edit source]

Current observations indicate that this third and final stage of life is still far off. We'll keep you updated.

TMBG Favorites[edit | edit source]

Other Favorites[edit | edit source]

  • Favorite Movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  • Favorite TV Show: Family Guy
  • Favorite book: Lord of the Rings (series)