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Massachusetts, USA.

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FAV This user's favorite TMBG song is James K. Polk.

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Hello there! My name's Kate. Some call me Skate or Copsi. My username is ofpurelove (on tumblr and twitter, as well). I love They Might Be Giants, but that's pretty obvious, huh? I've also got a tumblr blog where I curb my tmbg enthusiasm - - and a board about them on Pinterest. (Classy.) I'm ofpurelove on there, as well.

Regarding the whole fandom thing, my one fatal flaw is an inability to criticize the Johns (and Dan and Danny and Marty). I swear, if I become (in)famous on this wiki for anything, it'll be for giving every song a 10 as a rating. (Okay, except for Ten Mississippi. I'll just avoid rating that one.) Even songs that everyone seems to hate - coughcough Mr. Xcitement coughcough Another First Kiss - I don't find all that bad. And one of my favorite live performances is that awful Conan appearance with Robot Parade and Shoehorn With Teeth, just because it's so delightfully awkward. (Flansburgh's attempts at saving the performance are particularly endearing.) Don't get me wrong - I can still criticize at times. I know that the Johns are human. They're just really, really, really awesome humans.

Oh, and one last thing - the userboxes about my favorite song, lyric, venue song, and music video are subject to change. They're just the ones that I like most at this particular moment. Flood, however, will always be my favorite album. It holds a very special place in my heart.

With those slight disclaimers out of the way, we can move swiftly on...

When I Became A Fan[edit]

A more detailed account than my summary on this page.

I guess it all started around sixth grade (2007?) when my dad put Birdhouse In Your Soul on my iPod. Nothing else - just that song. (Even though he had the rest of Flood.) I loved it, but didn't really seek out the rest of the album, let alone their entire discography.

I remember later watching Playhouse Disney with my baby sister; she loved it, and every once in a while, a They Might Be Giants song would come on - namely, High Five and Electric Car. I saw the name and did a double take, because I thought it was outrageous that this awesome band who had created Birdhouse In Your Soul had "sunk" to the level of mere children's music! (I am presently a HUGE advocate of the kids' stuff, but I couldn't stand the thought at the time.) I thought they had abandoned their previous genre (alternative, nerd rock, whatever you want to call it) and that kids' music was now their only "thing."

Then, in eighth grade, my science teacher became obsessed with Here Comes Science. He would always play the DVD in class, and all of my classmates thought it was lame beyond belief. Anyway, near the end of the summer of 2011, right before my sophomore year of high school, I downloaded Spotify and saw Join Us right on the front page. (At the same time, I had learned that one of Hank Green's favorite bands was They Might Be Giants, which piqued my interest.) I was pretty shocked to see an adult album by them (I thought they had abandoned that completely, remember) and clicked it to take a listen. Even then, however, it didn't leave too huge an impression on me. It sounded neat, but the songs kind of blended together, since I didn't have much interest in the band.

It wasn't until September that I found Flood in my dad's old CD case, downloaded it to my computer, put it on my iPod, and listened through it a few times, that I absolutely fell in love with the band. (Yes, even the kids' stuff!) I listened to most of their music, started to buy albums, became involved with the fandom on tumblr a bit, started a tmbg account over there, and officially became a fan. On March 9, 2012, I attended my first concert, and that was pretty much the highlight of my year thus far. Well, that's my story! I'm looking forward to more fun times as a fan of tmbg.