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THAT'S ME[edit]

Holding the finger next to Flans. Dan is next to Linnell. This was taken at the show in Nyack on November 18th, 2006. I officially met the Johns!
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"Nobody has seen a talking claw unless that klaw is the famous Mr. Klaw."


About Me[edit]

Hey, my name is Michael McGlinchey, I'm 15 years of age, I live in Maine, and, of course, I am a HUGE TMBG fan. I am also an accordion player and I play every chance I get. Modest Mouse is also a huge part of my life. They are ultra super. My nickname is "Mick" created by Dan Nelson, while passing potatoes in a garden. If anyone wants to contact me my e-mail is

<a href="" title="Michael McGlinchey's Facebook profile" target=_TOP>Michael McGlinchey's Facebook profile</a>

Other Really Good Bands[edit]

Sigur Rós sigurros_4161.jpg

Modest Mouse Wilco 759929_356x237.jpg

Pavement pavement-wowee.jpg Cake r06.jpg

Ugly Casanova Ugly+Casanova.jpg Death Cab For Cutie

Beck beck.jpg OH NO! OH MY!

Radio Show[edit]

The radio show is officially back! Wednesdays from 4-5pm


Memo used to exist. Now it is hibernating until homework stops. Once summer arrives, the dormant accordion, guitar, and Garageband will awaken.