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I have been a They Might Be Giants fan for as long as I can remember. It's a legacy in my home. Any band that depends on an accordion deserves props.

1990 was the year I awoke to Super NES, In Living Color and most importantly, TMBG. TMBG's Flood album sucked me into the world of the two Johns. From then on I kept getting more and more songs by the clever duo. It wasn't til recently that I made it to a show of theirs and I want more. I'm constantly on the watch for concerts where ever I may be at the time.

Other bands I like are Belle and Sebastian, Apples in Stereo, Modest Mouse, David Bowie, Elliot Smith and The White Stripes. I'm a collector of film scores as well, namely scores by Danny Elfman.

As far as other things, I am on my way to becoming graphic designer. I love to watch and talk about movies. There are numerous posters from various films on my walls. I still play nintendo like there's no tomorrow (Ocarina of Time-finished three hearts and no continues). Anything from Japan is worth a look in my book. Adult Swim provides me with my anime fix though Samurai Champloo just ended :(. I am a Mac user. The Daily Show is the greatest thing since Nickelodeon lost its charm. Long live Pete and Pete. If Homestar Runner wasn't great enough with Trogdor, TMBG made it golden. And I lost the game.

Keep rocking.

Favorite album: Severe Tire Damage

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