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The story of my life: Nonagon

Stuff What I Own

(In order of acquisition)

-Mink Car I thought it was the newest album when I got it last year :D

-User's Guide

-They Got Lost

-Here Come The ABCs! DVD

-Here Come The ABCs! CD (but not the Amazon combo)



-Apollo 18

-The Pink Album


-Factory Showroom

-John Henry

-Mightathon and Giants Jubilee

-Venue Songs


-Severe Tire Damage

-The Spine

-Indestructible Object

-State Songs

-Miscellaneous T

-The Else on CD and vinyl!

-Here Come The 123s!

My Favorite Things

Spiraling Shapes in Cowtown, Maine where I left my Memo To Human Resources with Jessica who was Drinkin' with James K. Polk and Mr. Me while driving a Boat Of Car and discussing rather Mundanes things such as Where Your Eyes Don't Go and what to do with a Shoehorn With Teeth that has Contrecoup.


Other stuff what I enjoy listening to:

  • Adam Ant= Good in general
  • Weird Al= needs no explanation.
  • Oingo Boingo= New Wave-ish Danny Elfman. :D
  • Michael Leviton= Darn you Podcast 5B.....
  • The Beach Boys= Have always been a favorite
  • Mr. Linnell's State Songs= (sigh)
  • MIKA= sounds like Freddie Mercury.
  • Queen= sounds like Freddie Mercury. :P
  • Anything with ukuleles and/or accordions.
  • Old School musicals such as Brigadoon, The Music Man, Oklahoma!, etc.

More Etc.

Apparently when I was younger and watched Tiny Toons constantly, I would go around attempting to sing the lyrics to Istanbul. But when you're 6 Constantinople is a really hard word to say.

Like most of the people on here my age, I first got really interested in TMBG through the Experimental Film video on everyone's favorite webtoon, Homestar Runner. Then my brother researched it for me, a friend of mine obtained a copy of Mink Car for me, and here I am.

I have been to 1 TMBG concert and hopefully more!

Well, there isn't much else to say. See ya around I suppose. Thanks for stopping by =)