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TMBW Userboxes
FAV This user's favorite TMBG song is The Truth In Your Words.

CraneCover.png This user's favorite b-side is Authenticity Trip.

It's Fun To Steal.png This user's favorite Mono Puff song is Creepy.

SV This user has rated the following songs.

StateSongsStates.png This user lives in a State Songs state.

WEB This user has a website.

Factoryshowroom.jpg This user's favorite album is Factory Showroom.
avalonlogo.png This user's favorite Venue Song is Boston (because it can be).

Hey, I have a website. Right now there's nothing to check out, but check it out anyway.

DoubleDenial's Never-Finished List of Good TMBG or TMBG-Related Songs (in alphabetical order)[edit]

  • All of them!