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I'm not a real doctor, but they call me Doctor Wooorrrrmmm...

Hey all. I'm Tess. You probably haven't heard of me, just like nearly all of my friends in real life haven't heard of They Might Be Giants, which saddens me. It's also sad that TMBG is so hard to get hold of over here in Australia, which is why my collection isn't all that big yet. I've been a fan for less than six months, but in that time I've become increasingly more obsessed with them. And I.. um.. alsohaveacrushonJohnLinnell. Yay for me.

Also note that any favourites listed here are subject to change at any time, due to my very high level of indecisiveness.

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Stuff I own (so far)[edit]

You can find a bunch of silly TMBG fanart at my deviantART page, in case anyone's interested.