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ASTRALBEE: THE FACTS[edit | edit source]

  • I live in England.
  • A TMBG fan since 1989.
  • My first concert was February 3rd 1992.
  • I have seen TMBG play live 15 times.
  • I attended a show as a guest of former bassist Tony in October 1994.
  • I have been a regular contributer to since 1998.
  • I have recorded versions of some TMBG songs for projects including the ill-fated "We Might Be Giants Too 2".
  • I have a YouTube Channel full of old TMBG footage from the UK as well as my own piano covers of TMBG songs.
  • I am a musician and have several music projects including Men From Earth.
  • I am always changing my nickname on the newsgroup, but when I need to stick to a name I use Astralbee.
  • 'Astralbee' is a homage to the XTC album 'Wasp Star' and also the TV show 'LEXX'.
  • I'm a jolly decent chap.