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2003 – The audiobook of The Partly Cloudy Patriot, a book by Sarah Vowell which features music by They Might Be Giants, is released.

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Dan Miller Confetti.jpg

1967 – Dan Miller is born.

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Can't Keep Johnny Down.jpg

2011 – The music video for "Can't Keep Johnny Down", starring Rip Torn, premieres.

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1992 – During a They Might Be Giants show in Milwaukee, John Flansburgh asks fans to "disregard the fire laws—feel free to just come on up and help us out with 'The Famous Polka'", resulting in the venue's stage collapsing moments later. There are no serious injuries, and the show continues shortly thereafter. Audio of the incident is available via YouTube.

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2009 – They Might Be Giants perform "Meet The Elements" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, their first appearance on the show. They also record a web-exclusive performance of "Dead".

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Miscellaneous T.png

1991 – Miscellaneous T, a collection of B-sides and remixes from They Might Be Giants and Lincoln, is released in the United States.


1996 – Factory Showroom, They Might Be Giants' sixth studio album—and their last on Elektra—is released.

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2012 – Just Dance 4, featuring TMBG's version of Istanbul (Not Constantinople), is released in North America on the Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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1975 – David Lee Roth turns 21 and has, presumably, Damn Good Times.

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They Day is celebrated annually on this day!

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2007 – They Might Be Giants perform "The Mesopotamians" on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, promoting The Else. The performance is available on YouTube. They also record a performance of "Alphabet Of Nations".

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1994 – TMBG performs a concert at Sony Music Studios in New York City. The performance is recorded, and later released on the CD Live!! New York City 10/14/94.

1992 – TMBG kicks off an 8-night stand at the Variety Arts Theatre, as part of their Rocktoberfest. Each night of the series features a different opening act.

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It's Fun To Steal.png

1996 – Stayed inside. At 11 o'clock I see my dedicated friend through my window. He's across the street, turning the key in his front door. I sit in my chair just beyond the sunlight of the window and speak out: "There he is." He looks around, thinking, incorrectly, that he will someday discover my secret identity.

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1993 – They Might Be Giants appear on Late Night with Conan O'Brien for the first time. They perform "Why Does The Sun Shine?" and are interviewed. This is the first of over a dozen appearances on Conan. The performance and interview are available on YouTube.


1999 – State Songs, John Linnell's first (and, to date, only) solo studio album, is released.

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1897 – Edith Head is born.


2003 – The band releases their first children's book, Bed, Bed, Bed.


2011 – Album Raises New And Troubling Questions, a rarities compilation, is released.

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1864 – Nevada becomes the 36th state. It will generate the final track on State Songs, "Nevada".