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1[edit | edit source]

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1792 – Thomas Jefferson announces the adoption of the 3rd Amendment to the United States Constitution, along with some nine other amendments. 226 years would pass before the 3rd Amendment's message was memorably expressed, with the song "Thankful For Your Service."

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1987 – They Might Be Giants appear on a special edition of The Frank O'Toole Show on WMFU in East Orange, NJ. Over the course of 90 minutes, they play a number of Dial-A-Song demos, perform several tracks live in the studio, and are interviewed by Frank O'Toole.

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2013 – They Might Be Giants triumphantly release their sixteenth album, Nanobots.

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2016 – They Might Be Giants suddenly release their 19th album, Phone Power, in a pay-what-you-want format. The album is another compilation of songs from Dial-A-Song (2015), the 2015 iteration of Dial-A-Song.

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2007 – Phone Calls From The Dead makes its debut, at the TED Conference. During the segment, the band communicates with "The Amazing Randi", a magician who offered a $1 million prize for proof of communication with the dead. (Watch it on

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1820 – Maine becomes the 23rd state. It will beget State Songs's "Maine".

18[edit | edit source]

1968 – ABC airs the 58th and final episode of its World War II action television show The Rat Patrol. In the episode, entitled "The Kill at Koorlea Raid," The Rat Patrol is instructed to assassinate a German general, but unit leader Sgt. Sam Troy aims to take him alive instead.

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1992 – Apollo 18, They Might Be Giants' fourth studio album, is released.

25[edit | edit source]

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1997 – The compilation album Then: The Earlier Years is released. It includes the band's first two albums (They Might Be Giants and Lincoln), their accompanying B-sides, and 19 never-before-heard tracks.

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1930 – Istanbul was Constantinople, now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople: Constantinople, and other old variants for the name of the Turkish city which were still in use internationally, are officially declared obsolete in favor of the name Istanbul by the Turkish Postal Service Law.

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2006 – Dial-A-Song returns after a year-long hiatus with the demo of "We Live In A Dump", its final song.

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1985 – They Might Be Giants celebrate the release of the Wiggle Diskette, their first official release, at Darinka.