The Moviegoer

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The Moviegoer album cover
The Moviegoer
Studio album by Shannon Worrell
First released March 1, 2000 Tracks 11
Label Super Duke Length 41:51

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AAC $9.99 Purchase

Track listing[edit | edit source]

# Title Artist Length
1 Hedge And Snow Shannon Worrell 2:21
2 Movie Star Mom Shannon Worrell 3:16
3 Your Own Wilderness Shannon Worrell 5:40
4 Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner Shannon Worrell 3:56
5 Judy 9 Shannon Worrell 4:50
6 Shoot The Elephant Shannon Worrell 3:45
7 Too Sad For Cryin' Shannon Worrell 2:50
8 Speedboat Wake Shannon Worrell 4:19
9 Jefferson's Lament Shannon Worrell 3:46
10 Vodka Mouth Shannon Worrell 3:35
11 Movie Star Mom (Reprise) Shannon Worrell 3:33

Information[edit | edit source]

  • John Linnell played accordion on this album. It also contained contributions from Randy Andos, Kurt Hoffman and Garo Yellin. It was produced by Linnell's wife, Karen Brown.
  • The CD is no longer in print, but can be obtained for outrageously high prices at various websites that specialize in rare stuff.