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Hey, what is the history behind this song? Or in other words, does anyone know (specifically or roughly) when it's from? I've always wondered. -magbatz

Well, it's scary. IMO --Dunklekuh81

Probably for the best that this little song was never released on a proper album. This is the sound of the band just having fun and being silly. For that reason alone it has a charm. Musically it's a mixture of the piano riff from Touch Me by the Doors and the theme tune to Champion the Wonder Horse a relic from the 50s or maybe the 40s. Flans love of cats may play apart in the "cat section". Fun enough if it pops up on random if you're playing a whole library playlist. Not one I'd listen to intentionally...(Mr Tuck)

Looks like you just put a review in after all...

Only added after you alerted me to the song this morning. Fair review? (Mr Tuck)