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I don't like it very much when bands sing songs for kids about how "You're going to fix the environment", especially not They Might Be Giants. It's songs like these that make me want to argue, even if I agreed with them. When I was in this age demographic and I heard a song like this, it made we want to throw something recyclable into the trash. Does anyone else feel this way too?

I'll agree that TMBG doesn't make the most elegant argument here, but I don't think it would elicit that level of reaction from me. It's the kind of thing that's been said before--and better--elsewhere.
There are a few lines in West Side Story that seem pertinent. Doc is talking to one of the Jets about their perpetually violent solutions. He says, "When do you kids stop? You make this world lousy." The response is, "We didn't make it, Doc." There's a similar sentiment in Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire"-- because "it was always burning since the world's been turning."
No doubt this kind of "excuse making" is grating in a song like this. Fleshing the demo into a full, widely-released song may not have been the best artistic choice but considering the issue's popularity, it may have made a kind of sense. Oh well. --MisterMe (talk) 17:06, 17 September 2016 (EDT)