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What's this with the text on the side? -- DidgeGuy (आ ज) 01:24, 21 October 2010

it's some fanmade cover, with "more visible" text or something. -- 01:30, 21 October 2010 (UTC)

Do you guys know of more than one vinyl pressing of The Else? There's a store in Australia selling it with following details: catalogue number 29697, Origin: USA, and a release date of July 30 2007. I thought it was only released on vinyl in September 2007? -- Chiasmus 7 October 2011

sounds to me like they just got their details wrong. it happens. the prospect of two different lp pressings is highly unlikely, and there's nothing about it on the internet at all. -- 13:34, 7 October 2011 (EDT)

Why does the back cover of the US CD (including Cast Your Pod) say it's 01143-1117-2, but the CD itself says 01143-1118-2? Which actually is it? ~ veggieman 18:20, 23 February 2013 (EST)

you'll notice the LP labels, disc, and cover are all 7, so i think it's safe to say that's the right one. -Apollo (colloquia!) 18:26, 23 February 2013 (EST)
you'll notice that cypttw is 1119. 1118 and 1119 are the catalogue numbers for the discs. 1117 is the catalogue number for the release. -- 20:24, 23 February 2013 (EST)
Oh, okay. Thanks. ~ veggieman 22:04, 23 February 2013 (EST)