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Since They write the newsletter, this must mean they've visited TMBW! Cool! :-) Random

They spelled the name wrong, but it does in fact confirm what many of us have suspected all along, that They know who we are. They've been here. Fly your freak flags in honor of this momentous occasion!) Aurora Hawthorne

-->The wrong name reminds me of Gloria saying, "They Must Be Giants" on the Then album. --SR
hmm... yeah, it was on Then: The Earlier Years, but i, along with many TMBG fans, know it from Miscellaneous T, and of course that means that it was on one of the earlier EPs. nitpicky, i know, but, eh. --Nathew
But, eh, we're a nit picky wiki.  :) --SR

WOOO!!!! They know of teh wiki of much goodness! i hope they click on the "fans in bands" link and get intrigued by the name (the) WOBBLY wombat... hey, it could happen!! --Nathew

They know we're here, and They visit us often. The misspelled reference was a joke. Are we paying attention? Let us remember of Whom we speak, lest we offend... --Flux