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Is it just me, or does Flans sound like a Beatle at the end of this song? Ringo, perhaps. --SR
The next day:I HOPE it reminds you. Flans is using his british accent. Actually, I noticed a remarkable similarity between this section of the song and the Rutles' song "Questionairre." If you don't know, "The Rutles" was a movie parody of the Beatles starring Eric Idle and Neil Innes, and there were two "spinoff" albums showcasing Innes' songwriting knack. "Questionairre" is on the second one, "Archaeology." --a certain unnamed fan

Does anyone else hear the recorder on this track? I do.


Flange ≈ Flans[edit]

I'm sure everyone will disagree with me in thinking this, I find it disagreeable myself, but here was my thinking. That KoL thing with flangeburgh referencing Flans with a flange. They sound similar, what's the chance they would pick flange to put after octo- in this song, if not referencing our favorite Flansburgh? And don't think about that obvious reason for saying flange. On average, kid's listening to Bed, Bed, Bed won't know what a flange (or to flange) is. The previous sentence doesn't make any difference. But it's not an unheard of thing, you know. -- DidgeGuy (आ ज) 18:41, 26 May 2010 (UTC)

We could do this. -- Buzzmusic100 (Yes! Flange!)
Um. No. Just no. I don't think they're hanging around playing KoL anyway, how the hell would they know? --Self Called Nowhere 03:23, 28 May 2010 (UTC)
I don't know. The Johns read a lot of stuff. It would theoretically be a symbolic reference to a reference of themselves. Or just that Flans sounds like flange. Well, at the time, I didn't realize there was a flange in the song. I just read the lyrics. :P So much for that plan. -- DidgeGuy (आ ज) 13:14, 28 May 2010 (UTC)