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No Fun

Oh dear. After arguing that the band - and particularly Flans - should try and write and record a song as duo last week, I get my bluff called! Musically, Linnell's sax is fun and interesting, but Flans utterly misjudges both his lyrics and his vocal delivery in what becomes a very difficult song to listen to all the way through.

The subject matter is a weak retread of Linnell's far superior Renew my Subscription, but we could forgive that if the vocals were better. Flans can of course sing, but free from critical restraint he does rather over estimate his range. The high ah's that punctuate the song, are borderline out of tune, and go straight right through you, as tuneless singing always does. Them Yorke can get away with this kind of vocal and Flans can't. The main vocal in spoken/sung manner at the lower end of his register and also flirts with being out of tune. Taken as a whole the music and vocals are like the halves of two different makes of car that have been welded together. One of the weakest songs to make a main album release, Linnell really should have told Flans it was not working. One dreads to think how out of key this will sound when sung live.

(Mr Tuck)

If you're commenting on the main vocal sample, I don't think that's even Flansburgh, it's a sample right? Not that that really changes the tastefulness or whatever.

correct, it is jack bruce of cream! i assume it was downloaded from nord's website for free (free because it is a proprietary filetype that can't be liberated unless you re-sample the samples). regarding taste: i feel like often the johns talk about starting with samples/loops and then recreating them in the studio, and/or deliberately deciding against doing that. vocals are kind of different though, the sharon jones samples in Withered Hope are a master stroke by the dust brothers and if it were flans screaming "SAD SACK GONNA GET DOWN" it would've felt flimsy. plus the story of "we are probably the only band to actually use the jack bruce homemade mellotron samples from 50 years ago" is great. love the production! --j2