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This song is truly amazing, further supporting the fact that Linnell truly is a musical genius.

I'm not sure I agree. It's an ambitious undertaking, no doubt, but the song itself, in the words of the genius himself, "has room to grow". -underscore

Let's not kid ourselves: "wrong with me" and "phrenology" is a pretty weak rhyme. - wittytirade

Well, Linnell is clearly not happy with the song, and while it definitely lacks some polish, I think it's still pretty impressive and reflects well on his songwriting ability. - KillerDeathRobot

Yeah, I think he's a bit too hard on himself. It was just a demo and he only had 2 weeks to do it. I wonder if it was him or someone else playing guitar? ~ fingertips

He's an artist, of course he's hard on himself. I agree that the arrangement has room to grow. But the base of the song, the melody and chord structure, is pure genius. -Augie

I guess thats true. I know I'm hard on myself whenever I don't have my stuff together. It does have room to grow. It would be cool to see the band take it on and add some other instruments like bass and drums and such. I think it would help fill it up a bit. Everything he does is pure genius. Well, most of it anyway. ~ fingertips

This page is #5 on a Google search for "contrecoup."

Now it's #3. :D

I think the song is genius. I can't imagine anyone else being able to pull it off. I would love to see the song expanded. I think the refrain is perfect as is, but it could use some more meat around the verses.

Is it possible to get a downloadable version? I couldn't see how to do that from the npr site

Shouldn't John Linnell be listed as the artist, as opposed to TMBG? Unless that's Flans on guitar. -Martorano

This page is #1 on a Yahoo search for "contrecoup"

Eh, Yahoo.

Does the link not work for anyone else? It used to, but it doesn't now...

It's gone, removed the link. You can, however, hear a perfect quality version of the song on TMBG Clock Radio's EBS dial (it's the first song).
That's the weirdest thing... I went to that link and realized they moved everything after the show went off the air, and then found the new link and listened to it (introduction, song, and all). But then when I closed out of it, clicked it once more to make sure it was the right one, and was about to copy the URL, the link all of a sudden didn't work. ~ magbatz 20:12, 16 Apr 2006 (CDT)

Perhaps once the album is released and liner notes published, John will finally get his long sought-after box of candy with a copy of Moby-Dick and the special extra bonus parting gift...

Different Version[edit]

I guess we'll formally have to wait until The Else is released, but i am guessing that the album will have a studio version of this song, so we'll have to split apart the page into two separate songs - one for the demo, and one studio. --Duke33 11:31, 2 May 2007 (UTC)

Can you really call it a demo? I mean its most probable that the same version will be on The Else if a part of the bet was to put the song on an album then it would be this version. GT2

I highly doubt that it'll be the same version. If you listen to the radio program, you can hear John talking over parts of the song, calling it a work in progress and generally sounding a little self-conscious about it. Chances are, he re-worked it into something he considered more album-worthy. That could mean a complete re-record, or he might give it the "Wearing a Raincoat"/"Renew My Subscription" treatment and build up on the demo. Its a very short song for a "all killer, no filler" album, though, so I bet it'll be a new, longer version, perhaps with more verses. I hope so, as this is one of my favorites and I could stand for it to be twice as long. TV's Kyle

I'm pretty sure they'll record a new one. Linnell did specifically call that version just a "demonstration" and nothing official. ~ magbatz 19:17, 2 May 2007 (UTC)
OK fine, but when someone moves this page it can't officially called a demo, its gonna have to have another name G00DT|MESII
"Original Version" could work, but technically this would be a demo for the song. -CapitalQtalk ♪ 15:02, 3 May 2007 (UTC)