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Oh Dear

How do you react when you get an unwanted gift from a loved one? Do you smile? Exclaim? We might wear said present or put it on our mantelpiece, but once they've left? It's in a draw and quickly forgotten. At this time of year at Chez Tuck the Christmas playlist is on a lot: a mixture of Christmas tunes, carols and various hits from the 50s to date including rock, pop, indie, American songbook and of course the Giants. Of the Giants Christmas tunes,Santa's beard, Feast of Lights and Mono Puff's Careless Santa make the cut. This song is bloody awful. Essentially a Flans solo effort, there is little to recommend it. The acoustic riff overstays it's welcome. The lyrics are lazy and terrible. You can get away with all of that if the vocal is good. Flans vocal warbles around trying to sound in tune, but is heavily exposed. It would have been better not releasing it.

For those of you who despair of my critical reviews, I'm going to be posting various Top 20s from the various eras of the Giants career (I think I'll stick it on my personal page on this wiki - I've got nothing there at the moment). I'll start off with the flexi disc through to Flood. Will get it done by Christmas. (Mr Tuck)

You know, Mr Tuck, I've always been one of the biggest critics of your reviews (Ha! I'm a critique critic) but I pretty much agree with this assessment. I mean, there is ALWAYS something I find charming about Flans' sense of melody and his lovely voice (which I take issue with your opinion on - I think your constant Flans-is-out-of-tune or straining shtick undercuts the (to me) stunning beauty of his vocals. However, this song is quite forgettable to me. I really hate to say it but, yeah, the lyrics are lazy and terrible. (To me. I'm a lenient fuck. I'm willing to suspend that "opinion" until I hear a story behind the song. --Propman (talk) 21:20, 16 December 2016 (EST)

I feel a bit bad moaning about this one. It's a nice thing to do for the fans. A little gift. But it's just a weak song and if you're going to review these tunes you have to be honest. Let's face it, the Beatles, Christmas Time is Here Again, isn't up to much either so he's in good company! (Mr Tuck)

It sounds like it was written and recorded in ten minutes, I listened to it less than twice, I'm not sure it merits extensive critical analysis!! -Deysian