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So based on the releases of Apollo 18, John Henry, Factory Showroom, and the upcoming reissue of Flood, do you think Asbestos Records will press other albums that never saw a vinyl release? I would love to have Mink Car and the Spine on vinyl.

-- Altermanncam

well, the current four were all made possible as part of a deal with elektra. with the others they would have to buy the rights from restless and idlewild, respectively, which could be trickier. but that's just as well, since i am really disappointed by the low quality of their pressings (and artwork reproduction). (also, don't forget long tall weekend!). -- 13:17, 26 October 2014 (EDT)
Ah, I wasn't even thinking about the label! And as for LTW I think it just needs to be more available in general, let alone vinyl. Also I wasn't aware of any quality issues with the Asbestos records. Just how bad is it? -- altermanncam
well, the audio quality isn't that bad, but it's about on par with the CDs, which means it doesn't offer anything except surface noise. john henry is probably the nicest of the 3 released so far. apollo 18, however, has an odd bassy EQ applied to it which is completely unnecessary; that album is one of the best sounding albums i know of, and it doesn't need any tweaks. but i suppose my biggest gripe is the artwork, which has been uniformly ugly; very blurry and crude. and do they really need to take over an entire label with their ugly logo? i realise i'm a bit more sensitive to these things than the average person, but the overall experience with these reissues has been one of disappointment for me. their intentions are good, but the execution is off. -- 14:49, 26 October 2014 (EDT)
all the issues with asbestos aside, TMBG has seemed pretty enthusiastic about vinyl issues of their material; after all, they sell the asbestos issues at shows and have been consistently releasing vinyl editions of their new releases. i'm curious about the rights situation with Restless and Zoe, i think if it were possible to re-release a few albums they would at least be interested. but even though i know a lot of us here at TMBW are really excited about that prospect, i don't think there's a huge market for old TMBG albums. i imagine Flood will sell really well for obvious reasons, but the other 3 have basically declined in sales. this could be due to asbestos's relative obscurity, but idk, TMBG has plugged them to some extent. Apollo (colloquia!) 17:26, 26 October 2014 (EDT)