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so me and my little brother disagree on the meaning of this song. i being the female, am a hopeless romantic am taking it to mean that the singers significant other is getting ready for work after sleeping over (i don't think it seems like it's about a married couple) and he wants one more kiss before she goes. also, being older i know what it's like to wake up and walk around in all of their clothes. i actually had a morning just like this once, but that's another story... but back on subject...

my brother on the other hand think's it's about a one night thing and the girl all embarased is about to leave, because "As she runs out of things to say And grabs my coat to walk away" but she likes the guy, but doesn't know how to take it. also, the line "You could tell me we belong together And I could tell you you belong with me But we've run out of things to say" he thinks is really sad because to him it seems they know they would make a good couple, but they know things can't work the way they should, because of how it started. So they have nothing else to say and wont continue anything after that night even if they want to....

i don't know, he really messed up the romance of this song for me. now i have two totally differant ideas about the meaning now. any ideas?--Appleheart 12:00, 4 October 2006 (UTC)

This song and "The End of the Tour" are They Might Be Giants's most underrated gems, IMO. --RaygunShaun 19:59, 8 June 2011 (EDT)

I always preferred the original. This adult orientated rock version leaves me cold (Mr Tuck)